How we live

We live a life in poverty,

which means:

We try to live an unpretentious life, free from consumerism. What we are and what we have, we recognize as a present from God, we like to share with others.


We live a life in obedience,

which means:

We try to listen to the Lord´s voice, speaking to us through the Holy bible, the eucharist, and every man, we meet. We want to be listeners, to discover our mission.

We live a life in celibacy,

which means:

We want to be fraught withour relation to God, so to be able to pass our love to others.
We live in a communtity with our sisters and want to be there for each other.

Miteinander entschieden leben

Die persönliche Beziehung zu Jesus Christus lebt und wächst im Teilen des Wortes Gottes, 

im Teilen des Brotesund im Teilen der Liebe. So werden wir füreinander zu einer Kraftquelle.

(aus unserem Leitbild)